Custom Made Outdoor Mini Aviaries


It was originally designed for the bird keeper with a small garden or perhaps only a balcony, but since actually producing them, and already being in demand, it appears that they have many uses. All your young stock can be kept in them until you are ready to sort them out. It can be used to keep and breed pairs of birds easily the size of cockatiels and even bigger. It can be used as a quarantine cage to keep any new birds in. It can be used to house those delicate birds in through-out the cold winter months. It can also be easily used to keep chipmunks, and I’m sure there are many more uses for our OUTDOOR MINI AVIARY.

The design of the OUTDOOR MINI AVIARY has been well thought out. The overall size of the aviary can very easily be carried through any standard door. The height, including legs, is a generous 60″, the overall depth is 26″ including roof, and the width is 42″. To help eliminate the possible loss of birds from the aviary I have incorporated a safe double feeder built into the front of the aviary, this makes it possible to feed and water you birds without opening the door. The revolving safe feeder comes complete with two in number good quality stainless steel dishes.

The Revolving Safe Feeder can be locked in either the open or shut position. The roof is a solid green mineral felt roof which discharges any rainwater to the back of the aviary. The roof can easily be lifted off if you wish. The bottom of the aviary is a wire panel which allows all waste seeds etc to drop straight through the aviary into whatever you place below the aviary. The door size is 14″ square which allows you to get to any part of the inside of the aviary. Although I do recommend that when giving a good clean out or an alteration to the interior of the aviary that it is carried to either a shed, garage or an interior room to safeguard any possible escape of your birds. The new OUTDOOR MINI AVIARY has been very well made as is all of our products. The colour of the new aviary is ‘Autumn Gold’ in the Cuprinol Timber Care Range. This is obviously perfectly safe to all types of birds and animals. Before sending you your aviary it has already been fully assembled, it is then numbered and taken apart and flat-packed and comes complete with very easy instructions. The only tool needed is one pozi screwdriver.