About Us

Welcome to Aviary Accessoires. We’re not a large business, in fact it’s only myself (Doug) and my wife (Jean). I’m the guy on the end of the phone when you call us. I also design and make all the products that are on the website and in our catalogue.

I started the company in February of 1992. I was already keeping birds as my hobby and being a carpenter and joiner by trade, I obviously made my own nest boxes and accessories. Fellow bird keepers would come around and ask me if I could make this, that or whatever, as well as a local bird farm who also asked me to supply them with various accessories.

I already had my own workshop at home, which I used for my previous work, so I thought well let’s give it a go. The name Aviary Accessories seemed the natural name to call the company, so that’s how we started.

I applied for change of use of our double garage to workshop and was successful, and as I already had the majority of tools needed so I was ready to go.

I started off making cockatiel and budgie nest boxes and just progressed onto the list that we have today.

Being a bird-keeper myself it wasn’t hard to know what was needed, so a lot of the items in my catalogue were designed by myself. I must admit that I have now exhausted any thought of new designs, so anyone out there with a new item for me to make, I will only be too pleased to hear from them.

As well as all the accessories that I produce I also make outdoor and indoor aviaries. Both indoor and outdoor aviaries are made of excellent quality, and are all made to suit customer requirements. Our indoor aviaries are very attractive with many types of different options as the various pictures show. We do a mail order service so we can and do supply anywhere in the UK. We also supply to Guernsey, Jersey and Ireland. As for our outdoor aviaries we can deliver and erect our aviaries as long as they are within approximately two to three hours drive away from us.

Our Mail Order system works extremely well, all stock orders are dispatched as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours, and they are delivered on a reliable 72 hour service. The parcel side of the business is left to Jean.

As well as making aviary equipment, I also make other items, in fact if it’s made of timber then I’ll make it for you. We also make catteries, kennels, hutches and any other type of animal housing.

Well that’s about all that can be said, we have now been trading as Aviary Accessories since 1992 and hope to be supplying our customers (new and old) for the foreseeable future.

For payment we accept cash, cheque and all major credit cards. If paying by cheque, please make these payable to Aviary Accessories.