Other Products

All our boxes are made from 1/2inch (12mm) material with the exception of some of the smaller boxes. They are all glued and stapled together. They are professionally made and finished off.

Parrot boxes are made from 3/4inch (18mm) material and screwed together. When ordering a nest box with an inspection or access panel, please state left or right hand.

If we do not make the item you require or if you want a different size, please call us and we will be only too happy to give you a quote.

Special Order outdoor Aviary 12’ long x 4’ deep x 6’ high. with a choice of dividing into two aviaries or one. Large oversized roof with overhang to front. This aviary was built for a customer who had tame pigeons and would let them have free flight occasionally. Hence the sliding door each end of the flights at the top.
Price P.O.A.
Special order of a summer house and combined garden shed. Just an idea of the variations that we provide.
Revolvers – Our own design. Three sizes – 12″, 18″ and 36″. For birds up to cockatiel size.
Item 1 – 12″ – £16.00
Item 1a – 18″ – £18.00
item 1b – 36″ – £22.50
Seed Hoppers – Our own design seed hopper. Item 2 is 11″ long and takes 4lb seed. Item 2a is 21″ long and holds 8lb of seed.
If you want to disturb your birds as little as possible then our seed hoppers is what you want. Just fill the seed hopper with whatever seed you use and always know that they have plenty of seed. Ideal when going on holiday. Our seed hoppers can either be free standing on a shelf or fixed to the side of the aviary. Always a good idea to place the seed hopper in the night box area which will help to keep your aviary floor clean of seed. Both size seed hoppers have lift off lids. Please also note that although the seed hoppers are waterproof the seed that you put inside is not so always make sure that the seed hoppers are in a sheltered area.
Item 2 – 4lb seed hopper – £23.50
Item 2a – 8lb seed hopper – £36.00
Various Nest Boxes – A variety of our nest boxes are shown here, ranging from left to right – tall parakeet nest box (Item 14 – £17.00), quail house (Item 28 – £18.00 , budgie box (Item 6a – £8.50),(top) lovebird nest box with creche (Item 38 – £22.50), (bottom) lovebird or chipmunk nest box (Item 15 – £15.00)
Most of out nest boxes are made from 12mm material, our parrot boxes are made from 18mm material. All nest boxes have flat removable lids which are ideal for those of you who uses cameras and all have small ladders to the internal of nest box. Please note that if you want a special nest box to your own specification let me know the details and I will make it for you.
We make a lot more than the ones shown here. Please call for more details.
Budgie Nest Boxes – We do standard budgie boxes with glass and ply slider and hard wearing concave (Items 6, 6a). We also do breeders budgie boxes which allow cleaning with minimum disturbance of chicks (6b, 6c). We also stock replacement boxes and concaves (6d, 7, 7a, 7b)
Items: 6 – budgie box, side entry £8.50. 6a – as (6) but end entry £8.50. 6b – budgie box in a box with side entry £13.50. 6c – as (6b) but with end entry £13.50. 6d – Spare boxes for items (6b) and (6c) £4.25. 7 – half inch budgie concave £2.00. 7a – three quarter inch budgie concave £2.25. 7b – inch double sided budgie concave £2.50.
Finch Nest Boxes – These come in single, double, quadruple and sextuple sizes. Ideal to give maximum nest boxes and minimum space.
Item 10 – single finch box – £4.25. Item 10a – sextuple (6) nest box – £17.00. Item 10b – quadruple (4) nest box – £12.50. Item 10c – double finch box – £7.50.
Carrying Cases – Our own design carrying case. A very attractive and useful carrying case with handle.
Item 13 – is a small carrying case with 1/2 x 1/2 inch wire suitable for small finches. Item 13a is a medium sized case suitable for cockatiels, and 13b a large one.
Prices: 13 – £17.00. 13a – £19.25. 13b – £22.00.
Play frame and swing, suitable for budgies, cockatiels etc.
Item 23 – play frame and swing – £20.50
Item 23a – parrot strength, larger – £31.00
Play Frame – Play frame with revolving timber chews. Suitable for budgies and cockatiels.
Item 23b – economy play frame – £14.50
Landing Perch: Can be clipped to the cage, or placed by the entrance to the nest box. Also suitable for indoor birds.
Item 25 – £10.00
Parrot Chews – Our hanging parrot chew is popular with parrot keepers, and the dumbbell is ideal for parrots to play with. There are also smaller ones available for smaller birds.
Item 26 – Hanging chew – £6.50. 26a – large dumbbell – £2.50. 26b – small dumbbell – £1.75. 26c – medium dumbbell – £2.00. 26d – extra large dumbbell – £2.75. 26e – economy parrot chew – £2.75
Swing Perch Revolvers – Item 30 is 12″ wide, and item 30a is 18″ wide. Comes with hooks – all you do is attach to aviary and watch your birds have fun!
Item 30 – 12″ perch – £19.00
Item 30a – 18″ perch – £21.00
Seed Winnower – Shown with additional stand. Our own design, works very well with no working parts and nothing to go wrong.
If you are fed with wasting all that unused seed or fed up with blowing all the husks of the top of you seed containers then now is the time to try our very popular seed winnower. All you need to do is save all your used seed in a clean bucket until you have enough to winnow. The winnower works in conjunction with you domestic hover, place the hose of your hover on one of the holes on the top of the winnower, slowly pour your seed into the funnel and you will find that the good seed drops through to a buckets placed below the funnel and the shucks go up into your hover. You also have an adjustment on the top of the winnower to increase or decrease the suction going into the winnower. You will really be surprised have much seed you can save. Full instructions given with all winnowers. The winnower comes either separate in readiness for you to fix to your wall or with the stand as shown.
Item 37 – seed winnower – £50.00
Item 37a – seed winnower stand – £18.00
This item has so many uses, it can be a bath for smaller birds or a drinking container, seed container or fruit container. With two hooks on the back it just clips onto your aviary wire. Spare dishes are available.
Item 39 – £8.00
Double and Four Feeder Set: These items can be used for water, seeds or both. Dishes come with them, and additional ones (white, yellow, green, red or blue) can be ordered.
Item 41 – four feeder with perch – £12.00
Item 41a – two feeder with perch – £9.00
Canary Nest Pans: These items allow you to position the nest pan in any position on your aviary – just clip onto the wire. Also suitable for small doves and finches.
Item number 45 – hook on nest pan £8.50
Item 45 a – hook on nest pan with over £10.00
Three Perch Aviary Swing: Just hook on aviary.
Item 46 – 12″ – £10.00
Item 46a – 18″ – £11.50
Adventure Play Tube – Give your birds a treat and watch them play in our adventure play tube. Hours of fun for you and your birds. Suitable for budgies, finches, doves, lovebirds, cockatiels and similar sized birds.
24″ long and 6″ square.
Item number 48. Priced at £21.50